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I just noticed that :iconpirate-pet: tagged me...
So I'm doing this now~ :D

Choose 3 of your OCs. They can be from anything. Original stories, fanfic OCs, whatever. It doesn't matter. None of this matters.

1. Hisoka
2. Yoko
3. Yasahiro
( >.> I'm I'll be jumping in and out from time to time...)

1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the heck each other is?

Yoko: I'm Yoko, and I live with Hisoka!!! :D
Hisoka: ._______.!!! No! No! It's not like it sounds like!!! >___< We work at the [insert famous company name that Cherry-sama couldn't think of at this time] and um, we take residence to the same company building, and um--
Yasahiro: Oh please, Hisoka, just admit that your a pervert or something, and get it over with.
Hisoka: >.> Says the disturbed freak.
Cherry-sama: *COUGH*
Hisoka: Oh! Right. And we (6 people) work as personal body guards for the company's president: Yasahiro's aunt.

2) -Removed-

Yoko: Wait, where's the question?
Yasahiro: I think it was removed.
Yoko: By who?
Hisoka: Well, the comic artist was tagged by pirate-pet, so whatever she removed, Cherry-sama cannot get us to answer without another source.
Yoko: Oh my.
Yasahiro: We could just make our own question.
Hisoka: No! We have already blabbled on longer than we should have! >.<
Yasahiro: Yes, but the comic artist has probably been waiting for a chance to let us take the stage, and this must be her big chance for us to explode into her fandom.
Hisoka: <.< Yasahiro, when people read this script, I seriously doubt that they'll care any more about us than they do already.
Yasahiro: Then why do we have this many lines of dialogue, when pirate-pet had only two lines for each question?
Hisoka: Sh-SHUT UP! *throws textbook at Yasahiro's head*

3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?

Hisoka: Well, I, uh, generally like to read over old magic textbooks from High School, and sometimes I go out and buy new ones when we head over to town...
Yasahiro: Eh heh heh... >D
Hisoka: . . .I don't think I want to know... =_____= What about you, Yoko?
Yoko: I like watching Hisoka!!! :D
Hisoka: o____o Erm, Yoko, please don't tell that to the people out there.
Yoko: Why not?
Hisoka: *blushes* It's generally looked upon as...erm...creepy...
Yoko: Like those old haunted houses Yasahiro used to take me to?
Hisoka: *pushes up glasses* Er, no.
Yoko: What other kind of creepy is there?
Hisoka: ...OH LOOK! The next question!!!

4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?

Yoko: >.> <.< Don't tell anyone, but I have the biggest crush on Hisoka~:heart:
Hisoka: =.= Yoko, that's not a secret, that's public knowledge.
Yasahiro: Let her live in her fantasies, Hisoka. It's not like you give her any, anyway.
Hisoka: O_O!!! Yasahiro--!!
Yasahiro: Anywho, I don't really have any shames, and that's probably because I don't let them remain secret. ^^
Hisoka: <___< You are such a shameful person.
Yasahiro: Is that an update from disturbed freak?
Hisoka: *nonsensical comical mumbling*

5) Got any ultra-quirky kinks?

Yoko: Hisoka, what is a--
Hisoka: DON'T. SAY. IT.
Yoko: Why not?
Hisoka: Just don't. <___<
Yoko: But--
Hisoka: You know, why do you always ask me questions that make me feel uncomforable? Why don't you ask me on magic, or something?
Yoko: Because I already know everything about magic.
Hisoka: *raises eyebrow* Oh really?
Yoko: Yeah! It glows, it can go far away, and you like it! :D
Hisoka: =___=

6) Within the last month, how many people have you done questionable acts with?

Yoko: What does it mean by "questionable"?
Hisoka: *long, drawn out sigh*
Yasahiro: Oh, where to start. Well--
Hisoka: =_= That list must be a mile high, considering how "questionably" you behave when your not brutally murdering people.
Yasahiro: I don't brutally murder people.
Hisoka: Alright, make people brutally commit suicide against their will.
Yasahiro: ^^ See? I'm innocent!
Hisoka: That has got to be the biggest lie of the year. =.=

7) Do you love me? I love you.

Yasahiro: [This may have it's benefits] *takes shirt off*
Yoko: I'm sorry, but I love Hisoka. ;(
Hisoka: =__= If it'll get Yoko to leave me alone, then sure.

8) Are you hurt because I lied in that last question?

Yasahiro: Oh well. *puts shirt back on*
Yoko: That means Hisoka's all mine! *glomps*
Hisoka: =_______= Siiiigggghhhhhhhhhh.....

9) If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?

Yoko: Futatsu Ni! *vein pops in head*
Hisoka: *ignores Yoko* ...No, that that I can think of.
Yasahiro: I usually get away with it, but, if there was one person who I wouldn't have to take responsibilty for, then it would be my stupid auntie. ^^
Hisoka: ...You know, even though you don't like her, I still would like it if you kept her alive so I can get my large paycheck.

10) What is the one things that sets you off so much that you'll go from docile to rabid squirrel monkey in 12 seconds?

Yasahiro: My stupid auntie.
Yoko: Futatsu Ni! :chainsaw:
Hisoka: Yoko. <____<
Yoko: D: Nya?!

11) Who the heck are you people? Why are you in my house? Are you even people? Get outta my stuff!

Hisoka: o_o! Ack! Erm... How'd I get here?!?! >< *leaves immediatly*
Yoko: Mmmm....Cookies... :3
Yasahiro: *continues snooping through stuff without a care in the world* ^^

12) Does rain filter down through your handsome volcano rocks to create a wild mineral water that's tasty for the ladies?

Hisoka: >.> That would take up quite a bit of MP, so I don't think I'll try don't a magic stunt like that.
Yoko: Hisoka, why are valcano rocks handsome?
Yasahiro: Well, you see, the comic artist doesn't really undertstand this question, so it's physically impossible to answer it without some level of modesty. However, it would be more in character for me to--
Cherry-sama: *smack* Don't be vulgar.

13) I'm going off track a little. Um. How many people have seen you nekkid?

Hisoka: >.> No one, as far as I know... ._. But, um, once Yoko snuck into my room while I was sleeping, so she has seen me shirtless. =_=
Yoko: Yup! I remember that time! You were really surprised to see me!
Hisoka: That's because I didn't expect anyone to sneak into my room, while it was dark.
Yoko: Yeah, but you saw me!
Hisoka: I only saw your eyes. the dark...a foot away from my face.
Yoko: See! You saw me!
Hisoka: *siggghhh...* Never mind. What about you, Yasahiro?
Yasahiro: >3
Hisoka: o_o That never good to see...on someone's face...

14) How lovely. Have you ever wanted to smoke crack? Are you a crackhead?

Yoko: What's crack?
Yasahiro: ^^ It's a drug that makes people feel better.
Yoko: That sounds nice, why doesn't everyone use it?
Hisoka: It's has some bad after affects, that's why. And it's illegal.
Yasahiro: ^^ That hasn't stopped my auntie from buying it and selling it~
Hisoka: O.O
Yoko: If you're aunt buys it, does that mean you use it?
Yasahiro: No, my auntie still seems to want me to take over the company when she dies.
Hisoka: O_________O That'll be the equilivant of the end of the world!!! WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!?!?!?!
Yoko: What about you, Hisoka?
Hisoka: Pardon?
Yoko: Have you used crack?
Hisoka: No! While other kids in school decided to waste their life away with drugs, I studied long and hard to get where I am now!
Yasahiro: You book worm.

15) Are you wondering how many more of these questions you must endure?

Cherry-sama: Yeah, kinda. My fingers are getting sore.
Hisoka: Aren't we supposed to be answering these questions?
Cherry-sama: Shut up, and stop creating more dialogue. <.<

16) What's the strangest thing you've ever licked?

Yoko: I can't think of anything. :(
Yasahiro: Neither can I. What about you?
Hisoka: Once, in junior high, some boys dared me to lick a telephone pole in winter.
Yasahiro: And?
Hisoka: After I got my tongue stuck, I cast a fire spell on the pole and proceeded to use weaker spells on the guys.
Yoko: That was nice!
Hisoka: >___> Not really, since they were the strongest magic spells I knew at the time. One guy was hospitalized and sued my parents.
Yoko: o.o
Yasahiro: ^^ The evil side of teacher's pet Hisoka it revealed!
Hisoka: >_< Shut up!

17) -Removed-

Yoko: Here's another removed question.
Hisoka: How many of these are there?
Yasahiro: Dunno. But now I'm curious to what it said that made it removed.
Hisoka: Oh I bet you would. Creep.

18) There is no question 18.

Yasahiro: Well, that's okay, since there was no question 17 either. ^^
Hisoka: =___= These questions really are toying with us, aren't they?
Yoko: I like toys! :3
Hisoka: *facepalm*

19) Have you ever considered a fetish?

Hisoka: ._.
Yoko: What's a fetish?
Yasahiro: It's something that--
Cherry-sama: *puts duct tape on Yasahiro's mouth* >_> Dang it, where's Miyuki when you need her.
Hisoka: I think Yasahiro enjoys the fact that she didn't make it onto the list.
Yoko: Poor Miyuki, I'm sure she'll make it next time. :)
Hisoka: Well, anyways, Yasahiro still hasn't answered the question.
Yasahiro: ^^ *is mute with duct tape*
Cherry-sama: Well, I think he enjoys being a creep when killing people, so I guess that could count. <___<

20) This mindless torture is over.

Hisoka: Finally.
Yoko: I thought this was kinda fun! :D
Hisoka: Well, you didn't get most of the perverted things they were getting to, so...
Yasahiro: ^^
Yoko: Shouldn't we take the silver stuff off of his face now?
Hisoka: No, I like him better this way. <.<
Yasahiro: *demonic glare*
Hisoka: ._______.!

:iconkoushiroizumi2005: :iconladylyndis: :iconai-ani: :iconcharming-dimentia:
I challenge you to do this!!!
...I also think that I've created the longest one in history...

Anywho, I don't have many pictures up of my OCs, however, here are some links to show what I do have of them! :D
Hisoka and Yoko:…
Hisoka and Yoko (again):…
Hisoka and Yasahiro:…
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pirate-pet Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Haha yayyy~ :D Your answers to the -Removed- questions were funny lol XD;; I removed them for my own selfish moral purposes D< (They weren't really good questions to ask, so yeah~ ^^; )

Thanks for doing it!! .3.
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
I figured that's why they were removed.
But playing dumb is so much better than playing smart.

Your welcome!
...Although, not many watchers of mine are responding to this...
Dang, my OCs get ignored again!
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Pshhh they're just not cool enough D:
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
They're 10x cooler than some of my other ones!!
...Not to mention much more developed as characters.

Maybe I'm not doing enough OC propaganda!
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009  Student Digital Artist
NO, I meant the watchers who don't RESPOND aren't cool enough XDDD Lolll |D;
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
*lightbulb clicks on*
pirate-pet Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Student Digital Artist
But just kidding, anyways~ ;P
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Me neither.
66Angel99 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009
Yasahiro, your auntie's evil! XD can't believe I read this. :P so... long...
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, sorry for making this so long.

Yasahiro's Aunt is the main villan in my story "Ni".
And yes, she is veeeerrryyyy evil.
66Angel99 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009
XD I see. that's original, a name like that. "Ni" XD sounds funny, especially when you've seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail X'D have you?
Cherry-sama Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Ni in Japanese means the general term for "two".
And that would probably be what it would be translated into.
Both the main character and his female counterpart are trapped in this continuous "Yin-Yang" theme.
Such as black and white, Sun and Moon.

I named the series "Ni" before I heard of the Monty Python joke.
But still.
66Angel99 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2009
that sounds so cool! ^^ Python FTW!!!
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